If you are an active investor or property owner on Long Island in Nassau or Suffolk counties, Five Point Real Estate is your preferred team to help you acquire new investments to add to your portfolio. Our team consistently canvases different territories throughout Nassau and Suffolk where each agent is a local expert and discuss the nuances and unique qualities for their respective territory. For owners who are looking to sell their property, our knowledge, expansive buyer database, and market leading Client 360 review results in maximum value for sellers and in turn smooth transitions into 1031 replacement properties.


Five Point never judges a book by its cover as the saying goes. Our in-depth industry knowledge and experience gives perspectives that are unique and original. For example – an old warehouse located near a new grocery store might be a good apartment development, a distressed old automotive service station with 6 garage doors can be a great retail strip center or a vacant piece of land can be used for self-storage. We offer highest and best use opinions where needed in effort to maximize our client’s asset value and net worth.


The principals of Five Point Real Estate have combined 50 years of commercial real estate and investment sales experience. The Long Island commercial real estate market has evolved over the last 25 years and gone through many cycles where certain asset types increased dramatically in value while others did not. Retail rents have gone up and down while office rents in general have remained flat. In addition, local politics have changed over time resulting in greater benefit for certain areas and properties. The only way to experience and obtain the ability to anticipate market changes is to live through those market cycles. That is what our expertise is based upon – our abilities to asses past transactions – both success and failure – and apply scenarios to the future. This results in high probabilities of success for our clients and future customers.


In order to be successful you need to have commitment and passion – whether it be personal or in business. If you enjoy what you do and develop a passion for it, you can achieve your goals with the right leadership and guidance. This applies to commercial real estate brokerage more so than so many other careers. At Five Point, we instill an inner drive in our team that is focused on the desire to succeed. Our excitement and energy on each transaction is visible to our clients. We believe this demonstrates our commitment to them and that their interest comes first and foremost. This passion builds commitment and results in determination and success.


Our complimentary Client 360 evaluations are unmatched, market leading property and portfolio evaluations. Most brokerage firms throw together a cap rate and sales comparable for a property owner and believe it is a good representation of the assets full potential. Five Point Real Estate’s Advisory services include the Client 360 report that goes far beyond a normal opinion of value. We don’t just look at the property they own or want to buy, we evaluate the client’s perspectives and goals with their equity or property portfolio, length of ownership and future planning objectives.

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Five Point Real Estate is a leading commercial real estate firm located in Melville, New York focused on the sale and management of income producing properties. Concentrated in Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties, the firm specializes in selling all asset classes including multi-family apartment buildings, retail strip centers, retail grocery anchored shopping centers, net leased investments, medical office buildings, multi-tenant office buildings, special use properties such as sports facilities and land and development deals.

In addition to the brokerage and sale of investment properties, Five Point Real Estate’s core services include Property Management, Portfolio and individual property evaluations and opinions of value, and 1031 Exchange guidance and advisory services. Using state of the art web based technologies, Five Point offers value add services allowing local and out of state owners of properties located in Nassau and Suffolk counties to collect revenues stress and hassle free. If you are interested in our Property Management services, please email us at

Five Point Real Estate’s Principals have guided dozens of clients through the complete life-cycle of a 1031 exchange including initial tax benefits of a proposed sale, corporate entity and structure review in advance of disposition, client engagement for the sale of the asset, and then replacement property identification and acquisition. Five Point Real Estate’s deep network of professional colleagues include legal, accounting and qualified intermediary support required to effectively and successfully navigate the complexities of a 1031 tax free exchange.

Our customers, clients, and business partners include individual property owners, owner-operators of buildings, family offices with a large portfolio of properties, institutional owners such as banks, private equity firms and REITs. These loyal clients routinely reach out to Five Point Real Estate asking for opinions of value and valuation models to support their daily ownership needs. Our 5 and 10-year cash flow models demonstrate a unique understanding of the local market and the risks and rewards associated with complex ownership structures, changing rental rates, and lender underwriting guidelines. If you are interested in Five Point Real Estate’s underwriting and valuation services, please email us at